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Our Company

sustainacraft, Inc. focuses on nature-based solutions (NbS) for climate change and aims to maximize their effect through a more accurate carbon accounting system. While it is important to expand projects in forest conservation, sustainable forest management, and agriculture, it is equally imperative to ensure the transparency of such projects and the sound circulation of funds while increasing credibility.

We are currently working with environmental NGOs, financial institutions, and international development agencies in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe to create a healthy financial cycle for nature conservation through two approaches: monitoring natural resources using satellite imagery and assessing appropriate reference levels using causal inference techniques.

Working Environment

Our Working Environment

We encourage asynchronous communication through services such as Notion, Slack, and Loom, making it possible for people to work regardless of their location. Although our day-to-day interactions are online and based on remote work, we provide an opportunity to work together in a relaxed environment near Tokyo once a week.

Our Colleagues

Members working with us come from diverse backgrounds, including consultants from professional consulting firms and foreign development banks, satellite image analysis specialists at satellite constellation companies, researchers in causal inference, and geographic information visualization specialists. Many of our members hold PhDs in engineering and economics.

Learning Opportunities

Our paper, presented in collaboration with the National Institute for Environmental Studies and Hitotsubashi University, won Best Paper at the Climate Change AI Workshop at NeurIPS 2022, a top-level conference on machine learning.

Our strong R&D is a key component of our competitive edge.We also publish a regular newsletter on approaches and methodologies for forest and soil biomass estimation and project intervention effects.

※ Regarding software engineering, we need to devise various ways to process satellite remote sensing information and causal inference technology at the operational level, and we are trying to do so through trial and error while also verifying cutting-edge technology.We would like to actively communicate engineering-related information, and we welcome anyone who is interested to spread such information through our newsletters and other means.In addition to our own engineers, we are supported by experienced outsourced engineers, and we believe that this is an ideal environment where we have the opportunity to absorb various points of views and knowledge, including from outside the company.

Job Description

We are looking for open positions for people who share our vision and can contribute to our business growth with their skills and experience. If you think you can make use of your experience and skills in a position that is not currently open, please click here to apply.

After your entry, we will consider you for a position within the company based on your background, and if you pass the document screening, we will contact you for an interview.

We are looking for

  • A person with a strong interest in contributing to the global environment (climate change and sustainability)
  • Those who are passionate about finishing good products by keeping abreast of cutting-edge industry and technology trends on a daily basis.
  • Those who prefer an environment where they can take autonomous action to improve services in a wide range of areas, rather than an environment that is segmented by job function.

Currently, our data scientists and applied scientists who design and develop algorithms implement web applications using Python-based frameworks.

The following requirements do not necessarily need to be fulfilled prior to application. For example, if you are a person who can cover the entire range of topics, or a person who has a deep knowledge of a specific topic, your career aspirations will be evaluated and salary will be determined accordingly. 

Selection Process

Application screening → First interview → Final interview

※Please note that the number of screening may increase or decrease.

※ We are also looking for involvement on an outsourcing basis, so please feel free to contact us.

Employment status

(6 months is a probationary period; benefits remain the same during the probationary period)

Estimated annual salary

Negotiable depending on ability and experience

Work conditions

- Flexible working hours (no core time)
- Remote work style 

※If you live in the Tokyo area, we recommend 1-2 face to face work sessions per week

Salary increase

Once a year
(based on individual and company performance)


2 days off per week, national holidays, paid vacations, year-end and New Year vacations, condolence leave

Benefits and welfare

- Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, worker's compensation insurance
- Transportation expenses: fully paid
- Subsidy system for training and purchase of books, display monitors, etc. necessary for work
- Subsidy system for acquiring qualifications
- Health checkups and gynecological examinations covered