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sustainacraft partners with AlliedOffsets

sustainacraft partners with AlliedOffsets
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Tokyo - November 24, 2022- sustainacraft, Inc. has announced a partnership agreement with AlliedCrowds. The partnership will link sustainacraft’s forest credit assessment results to the carbon offset database provided by AlliedOffsets.

Natural resources such as forests and peatlands play a major role in curbing temperature rise. On the other hand, forest credits have often been pointed out to have quality issues related to baselines and permanence, etc., resulting in a decline in transaction prices. Improving the transparency of carbon credits is essential to ensure that sufficient funds flow back into natural resources.

About our partnership

Information on the quality rating of forest projects provided by sustainacraft will be displayed on AlliedOffsets' premium dashboard, allowing all AlliedOffsets users to see our rating information.

By providing market participants with information on our ratings, together with information on transactions in the voluntary credit market by AlliedOffsets, we can expect high-quality projects to be traded at fair prices. We believe that this will bring us one step closer to our mission - a sound financial cycle for natural resources.

Anton Root, Head of Research of AlliedOffsets said:

“Quality is the absolute key to carbon offsetting projects. Knowing whether you’re buying a ton of carbon, or one tenth of that, is very important as the market begins to mature and buyers get more selective about what offsets should take part of their net zero strategy. Sustainacraft has extensive expertise in the market, and their approach to quantifying the quality of projects is one that we wholeheartedly support. We are happy to be able to share their expertise with our users, and look forward to working with them.”